The Environmental Benefits of Cremation

Today, we have far more choices when considering environmentally conscious end-of-life decisions. Many of us are opting for cremation as a way to reduce impact on the land, as well as help our family manage the financial demands of a funeral or memorial service.

From the trend in choosing charity gifts over flowers, to ecologically sound, low impact cremation disposition, we are reducing environmental impact and allowing our loved ones to honor our memory in a way that aligns with our values.

While there are many green burial options, most people select cremation and to scatter the ashes in a place that was special to their departed loved one. Cremation avoids the confusing regulations and prohibitive nature of some of the recent trends in green burials, while allowing family and friends to hold their own memorial service, or multiple services, when the time is right.

It’s important – no matter what you select as an ecological option – to know that cremation in any form is much better for the environment than a traditional burial. Abbey Cremation Service is proud to say we offer this option and it is of the highest standards in ecologically sound burial and cremation.

Ceremonial Options

Family and friends of those whose last wishes were rooted in caring for the land, water, and air, often consider the ceremony of scattering the ashes to be reflective of their loved ones beliefs, interests, and values. Fortunately, there are several poignant, natural ceremonial options after cremation.

Here are some unique ideas for an eloquent, ecologically-minded memorial.

  • Choose a beautiful urn or family heirloom to hold the cremated remains and house them wherever you feel is most appropriate

  • Create special ‘keepsakes’ with the ashes divided amongst family members and loved ones, if you are interested, one of our staff can show you our showcase, with keepsakes and urns for sale.

  • Opt for a living marker, such as a tree or a flowering bush, where friends and loved ones can gather, no matter where the cremated remains are scattered or housed

  • Through gifts of sympathy, your family can establish a memorial fund in your loved ones honor – If he or she was devoted to a cause, such as environmental protection, consider establishing a trust or making an in memoriam tribute gift to a worthy charity

  • Tailor your tributes to include poetry, passages, and information that reflects the departed’s deep support of a social or environmental cause

  • During the memorial service or post-scattering gathering, opt for environmentally friendly choices: verbal tributes rather than printed programs, local foods, carpooling options between points, plants that can be transferred to the ground rather than cut flowers, etc.

Honoring Place, Scattering Ashes

When your loved one loved the environment, there are so many wonderful options for wild or natural spaces as a final resting place.

  • A favorite, local park

  • Near a foliage-rich brook or creek

  • Among wildflowers, in a wide, open meadow

  • Beneath a grove of brilliantly colored trees in their autumn hues

  • A National Forest where your friend once loved to hike, fish, or camp

  • One’s own backyard garden

  • Beyond the blue – an aerial scattering from the clouds

  • On waves, out to sea (check the EPA guidelines)

Abbey Cremation Service is committed to working with you to establish the perfect green option for you or your loved one and is here to help you develop the most meaningful, personal, and eco-friendly ceremony. Our team is here for you. Call us today.1-800-890-9000

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