Some Interesting Facts Regarding Cremation

After centuries of having been considered a taboo practice by many countries and cultures, cremation continues to rise steadily in popularity throughout North America, according to a number of studies. As those born during the Baby Boomer era continue to age and reach what they consider their twilight years, cremation is being seen as more of a convenient practice, especially in regards to the financial aspect.

We are now in an era in which cremation is not only considered the norm, actually as a matter of fact, cremation is now chosen about 40 percent of the time. Considering the fact that twenty years ago cremations were probably done 10 percent of the time, there has been a considerable change in concensus among Americans.

Speaking of facts, lets take a look at some other interesting facts regarding cremation,

  • The first crematory in North America was built in the town of Washington, Pennsylvania in the year 1876.

  • In the year 1920, the United States only had 20 working crematories. By the year 2003, the United States was home to more than 1,890 crematories, and that number is continuing to grow.

  • The cost of a traditional funeral in 1960 was $708, and the cost of a traditional funeral today is $6,500. The average cost of a direct cremation, on the other hand, is only $1,100, according to the Cremation Research Council.

  • The top 10 states with the highest cremation rates, in order, are: Nevada (69 percent), Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Montana, Maine, Colorado, Vermont, New Hampshire (58 percent).

  • Cremation dates back to 3000 BC, according to data presented by the Cremation Society of North America.

  • Silicone breast implants are often removed prior to the cremation process, since cremains have been found to adhere to the implants.

  • Pacemakers that contain lithium batteries are removed prior to cremation, since lithium batteries have been found to explode in high temperatures and cause major damage to the cremation chamber.

  • Modern cremation does not involve the use of flames; instead, a body is reduced to ashes, or cremains, as the result of being exposed to intense heat.

  • In addition to the ashes that are placed into a cremation urn, cremains include bone fragments that have been processed into a fine powder using a tool known as a “cremator.”

  • Metal objects such as dental gold, screws, hinges, and prostheses are often broken down into smaller pieces during the cremation process and retrieved from the cremation chamber using an electromagnet. Then, these metal pieces are disposed of according to local and state laws. In some cases, cremation providers have found surgical devices in cremation chambers, such as scissors and forceps.

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