Some Tips for Writing an Obituary

When a family member dies, it often leaves loved ones left behind to compose an appropriate obituary. Some individuals may have accomplished more things on a professional level, but that doesn’t mean that those who otherwise lead meaningful lives shouldn’t be recognized.

Prior to the emergence of the internet, most obituaries were much shorter than many families would have liked, due to the space constraints of newspapers or other hard-copy publications which necessitated such an action.

However, that’s no longer the case with regard to online obituaries, which can be much longer, and give a full accounting of an individual’s time on Earth. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Abbey Cremation Service has made it much easier by offering it on their website.

The question remains about exactly how to accomplish this sometimes tricky task, so below Abbey Cremation Service offers some tips for writing an obituary for the internet:

Vital Statistics All pertinent data related to the loved one who died should be part of any online obituary. This includes their entire name, as well as the birthplace and where the death occurred. The cause of death can also be included, along with noting if cremation will serve as the final disposition of the remains.

Family Listings Each members of the deceased’s immediate family should be listed, along with any other close relatives or friends. In the latter case, how close they were to the deceased should be used as a guideline, though there is no hard and fast rule. In addition, any immediate family that preceded the person in death should be listed, which includes parents, even if they died long ago.

Military Service The sacrifice by our military members should always be recognized, especially if the deceased suffered injuries or received awards for their efforts. Mentioning where they served, if they saw any combat action, and perhaps a story from those days will give a better representation of that period.

Close Connections Other tips for writing an obituary can emphasize the Connecticut, or any hometown roots of the deceased, something that many proud Connecticut residents like to do. This can include the support of local sports teams, or organizations where they garnered the most enjoyment.

Acknowledgments & Requests In many cases, thanking medical personnel or other individuals who took care of the deceased during their lifetime is one of the offered tips for writing an obituary. It’s a way of showing appreciation for their efforts. Also, requesting that money (in lieu of sending flowers) be sent to an organization that was important to that loved one can also help ease the pain of loss.

Understanding When You Need It So for those looking for a cremation service that will not only sensitively handle the tasks of cremation, but also offer avenues through the internet to craft a loving online obituary, Abbey Cremation Service is the company you want to choose

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