How is Abbey Cremation So Much Cheaper?

There are several reasons why Abbey Cremation Service is up to 75% less expensive than traditional funeral homes. Here are just a few of the reasons:

First, we are less expensive because of our ownership. While many of the area funeral homes are owned by out-of-state corporations, Abbey Cremation Service is family owned. And even those area funeral homes who are not owned by out-of-state corporations use a pricing structure similiar to the corporate owned funeral homes.

Instead of trying to maximize profits for a board of directors concerned with stock prices or following the pricing structure of the corporate funeral homes, we have formulated a fair pricing structure. We use this fair pricing philosophy when determining our charges for our services and for merchandise such as cremation jewelry, urns, and memorialization.

Second, we are less expensive because of our lower overhead. Whether corporate-owned or locally owned, traditional funeral homes typically have large, expensive buildings to maintain. And they typically have a large staff and a large fleet of expensive hearses and limousines. Simply put, they are geared for providing expensive, traditional funerals where Abbey Cremation Service is specifically designed to meet the needs of families choosing cremation.

We constructed a smaller, state-of-the-art facility which houses our offices, and a large family room in which those who wish may hold services - formal or informal. We served over 900 families this past year with our two full time staff, and we provide unique, personalized memorial services in our family room. We discreetly take your loved one into our care using our unmarked minivan.

And finally, we are less expensive because we don't have the additonal overhead of expensive real estate affecting our pricing as do many of the new, large traditional funeral homes. So in addition to the benefit of a lower, fair pricing philosopy, we are surrounded by the beauty and serenity of our neighborhood.

If you have questions or would like additonal information about Abbey Cremation Service, please call us at 1-800-890-9000 or email us at

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