Why Choose Cremation?

Choosing between cremation services and burial is a very personal decision, and there are many important factors to consider. With more and more people choosing to pre-plan their services, it is very common to choose the option that will burden surviving friends and family the least. Continue reading for information about the benefits of choosing cremation services in Connecticut over a burial.

Lower Cost

Cremation costs are always significantly lower than burial costs. With burial, you must pay for a funeral home, embalming, a casket, a burial plot, a headstone, and the burial service. Your family and friends will also have to worry about maintenance and upkeep at the gravesite. Affordable cremation services allow you lower the financial burden for yourself or your family. You’ll only have to pay for the cremation itself, and a cremation urn or interment costs. Direct cremation is even more affordable, as it eliminates the need for other services.

Less Impact on the Environment

For those concerned about their environmental impact, cremation offers a much more eco-friendly alternative to burial. During a burial, a non-biodegradable casket is placed into the earth. The casket and the chemicals used in the embalming process pollute the soil around the burial site. Gravesites themselves use valuable land resources. With cremation, you will preserve land resources and avoid the use of dangerous embalming chemicals.

Increased Flexibility

Cremation affords your family and loved ones much more flexibility in arranging memorial services and funeral rites, as there aren’t as many time constraints. The family can work with a funeral home or crematorium to schedule services at a time that works best for the majority of your family and friends. The family can opt to have a funeral service or memorial service before, during, or after the cremation. With direct cremation, no formal service is required at all. There is also more flexibility with the cremains, as they can be disbursed among family and friends, scattered somewhere memorable, or permanently placed in a columbarium interment.

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