Cremation Monuments

Cremation monuments are monuments that hold ashes inside. Cremation monuments look like the assortment of monuments, memorials or headstones seen in a cemetery. However, they are either hollow or have been bored out to have a special space inside to hold ashes or cremation urns.

Cremation monuments are usually made of granite and come in a variety of colors depending on which granite quarry the stone was harvested in. The granite we use to build our cremation monuments comes from both inside and outside the USA and they are custom built to order and engraved to your specifications.

Cremation monuments start at the individual size. Meaning a monument that holds the ashes of one person. The monuments are made in many styles and sizes, to hold the ashes of couples or whole families, called estate sized cremation monuments. Very large cremation monuments are called columbariums. The individual spaces inside are called niches. Most cemeteries allow cremation monuments as long as they are sized to fit on your plot.

Cremation monuments are gaining popularity for use on private land, such as in home site gardens along borders and pathways. One reason is that the monuments can be moved if needed. Today’s Americans do not visit cemeteries like our past generations did. We are a more mobile society that are likely to move for numerous reasons. This makes a movable monument more appealing to today’s survivors because they can be relocated with relative ease.

People are more and more interested in natural objects, green living and nature. That is why we offer an assortment of cremation monuments that look like natural boulders, stones and tree stumps. Set in a garden you cannot even tell that some of them are anything but stones and boulders.

Abbey Cremation, partnered with Abbey Monuments, also offers a variety of bench style cremation monuments. They look nice by the garden and serve as a dual place of rest. With advances in engraving and laser etchings, cremation monuments can be designed with the ultimate in detail and personalization. Even photo’s and portraits can be set in stone that capture every detail.

Cremation monuments can serve as an alternative to scattering ashes. One of the most popular places to scatter ashes is on our own property and cremation monuments can easily be installed on our own property. No permits are necessary and you save on the cost of purchasing a cemetery plot. It’s also nice to have a place right at home to visit and reflect.

If you are planning on purchasing a cremation monument to hold ashes, you should first decide on the location in which you plan to install it. Some cemeteries have size restrictions and regulations. For larger cremation monuments it may take heavy equipment to get it to your desired location, so you need to be sure that it is possible.

Abbey Monuments will arrange the engraving, shipping and even find you a qualified contractor. We can also work with your own contractor to guide them on the proper way to install your monument. Larger cremation monuments require a cement foundation. The foundation needs not only the right sized footprint but also needs to go deeper then the frost line in northern climates. Abbey Monuments has experience setting up the installation of cremation monuments country wide. We look forward to helping you find the right cremation memorial for your family. Give us a call today at 1-800-890-9000

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