How to mail Cremated remains

Did you know the U.S. Postal Service offers the only legal method of shipping cremated remains domestically or internationally? FedEx won’t do it, nor will the United Parcel Service. The USPS Priority Mail Express® Service will send the ashes of a person or a pet where they need to go.

A few tips to know before you head to the Post Office:

  1. You’ll need to pack the remains in two containers – an inner container and an outer container (i.e. a box) with padding between the two.

  2. The inner container must be strong and durable. It must

be properly sealed so that it is siftproof. A siftproof container prevents loose powder from leaking or sifting out during transit.

  1. While not a requirement, it’s recommended that the inner container be placed in a sealed plastic bag.

  2. For international shipments, the inner container must be a funeral urn.

  3. Use padding around the inner container, such as bubble wrap or foam peanuts, to prevent breakage during transportation.

  4. The outer container is a cardboard shipping box. You might want to line it with plastic, just in case there’s leakage from the inner container.

  5. Make sure there is no movement of the contents within the shipping box.

  6. Before closing and sealing the shipping box, place a slip of paper with both the sender’s and addressee’s address and contact information inside the box. That way, if the label on the outside is obscured, postal employees can still find out where it’s to go by looking inside the box.

  7. Clearly identify the contents as cremated remains! The post office provides a handy free label to put on the outer container.

  8. Ship the box via Priority Mail Express Service.