Pre-Planning Your Funeral or Cremation?

Planning ahead for your memorial can be a complicated and timely affair. There are many resources that can help but few and far between are as easy as going with a Peace of Mind Planner. A binder that can help you organize all of your end of life wishes and thoughts.

Filling out all the information makes creating a Legal Will a far less stressful affair. It even lists helpful sections like social media accounts (Facebook) to help your loved ones turn your page into an everlasting memorial page.

Who will take care of Felix your beloved cat? Or Fido your most loyal and loving dog? These are all very difficult things to think about and even harder to talk about. A planner will allow you to put all your wishes in your own words. And can lend details about your wishes to your family in addition to a Legal Will.

This planner, available on Amazon for $12.78 comes highly recommended and a reasonable price. It covers a large range of topics: Click here to take a further look or to purchase it on Amazon.

  • My Personal Information

  • My Medical Information

  • Key Contact Information

  • At the Time of My Passing

  • My Dependents

  • Important Documents

  • Financial Information

  • Commercial/Business Information

  • What Beneficiaries Can Expect

  • Personal Property

  • Insurance

  • My Pets

  • What to Pay, Close, and Cancel

  • Email and Social Media

  • Miscellaneous Information

  • My Personal Wishes

  • Last Words

If you need any help pre-arranging your funeral or cremation give us a call at Abbey Cremation Service 1-800-890-9000 . Our helpful staff can guide you on the path to your own personal memorial and walk you through the Medicaid Title 19 process if you are eligible for that.

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