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Georjess B. Burrow

Georjess Beatrice Forrester Burrow was born in Chattanooga, TN and grew up in California, but in later years chose to live on the East Coast, in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Her parents were Helen and Bill Forrester who were in Tennessee when she was born while they were traveling from Florida to California. Georjess lived in Santa Monica, CA where she entered kindergarten at 4 1/2 years old. She resided in Manhattan Beach, CA from third grade until college. Her first job was on the office staff at Aerospace Corporation in El Segundo, CA.

In 1965 she married Richard Alan Burrow, who grew up in nearby Redondo Beach, CA. They were married for twenty-eight years. They had two daughters, Stacy and Kate. Georjess took great pleasure in her visits and chats with her granddaughter, Jane Johnson.

Family ties, friends, and church were essential components of her life. For many years, she was an enthusiastic preschool teacher and later a nanny. She was delighted to be able to teach art and literature to young children. Her hobbies included gardening, cooking, attending church, dancing, walking in the early morning, and volunteering for historic preservation organizations. She loved creating crafts, especially those related to textiles and flowers and could never resist watching a good British film. She was spontaneous and adventurous (attending dances and driving across the country solo), hard working, and unfailingly thoughtful and generous (baking cookies and making gifts for family, friends and acquaintances).

With all the twists and turns of her life, she tried to make the best of situations, to find solutions in difficult moments, and to celebrate her triumphs as well as those of others. She loved a quote that a friend once shared with her: “Three Essentials for Happiness: 1) Have something to do 2) Have someone to love 3) Have something to hope for!” These concepts were built into her life.

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