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Jason Andreas 1973-2022

Born in Canada and raised in the small town of Douglas, Massachusetts, with his younger sister, Jessika, by their loving, quick-witted and doting parents, Peter and Monica, Jason Andreas was an outgoing, sun-worshipping, animal-loving, car enthusiast. He had a quirkiness about him that was difficult to pinpoint, favoring high-end amenities (his beloved Porsche, for one) while dressing in casual, loose-fitting clothing that was somehow perfectly acceptable at weddings and backyard parties alike. His appearance can be likened to the embodiment of a warm hug: comfortable, inviting, gentle, and always smiling. He had bright eyes that shone when he was happy, and somehow darkened when he was concerned or distressed. He listened intently during conversations, head tilted slightly forward, constant eye contact, giving full focus to the person as if the rest of the world was not of concern to him.

This attention to detail can likely explain the many friends Jay leaves behind from various times in his life, retaining longer relationships while striking up new ones. The community of people who poured out to support Jay during his brief illness, whether in person or from a distance, was remarkable. From old school friends from Coffee Kingdom to his home base on St. Croix, the overwhelming sharing of love for Jay and the friendships he built during his 48 years on Earth are a comfort for the family during this time of loss.

With no extended family nearby, Jay and Jess (being only 3 years apart) were very close and tended to be accepted members of each other’s friend circles, especially in younger years, blurring the lines of who belonged to whom. Whether they were planning a gathering, preparing for the holidays/birthdays, or just hanging out, they were arguably closer than most. They knew each other better than anyone else, using that knowledge to tease, support, or just push the right buttons to get a reaction as siblings do - typically resulting in laughter. Both have always shared a love of the beach, travel, music, and a strong sense of responsibility towards people and animals in need, often quietly and unceremoniously reaching out to care for them as if they were family members. It’s a special family trait Jessika and her husband, Ryan, will no doubt instill in Jason’s 6-year-old niece, Marin, and 4-year-old nephew, Garrett.

Whether it was cooking from scratch, building car part molds, or writing complex software, Jason’s unbelievable creativity and drive to understand how things work stems from his parents’ thirst for knowledge and need for self-reliance. He carried those tools into his own life, sharing the info with anyone who would listen like a walking encyclopedia.

No words about Jason can be complete without paying homage to his Cat Whisperer status. Yes, he loved all animals and they loved him. Yes, there are countless memories of Jay helping dogs, cats, and even turtles. But cats and kittens were his top priority. Especially his own beloved cat, Micaela, affectionately referred to as the number one lady in his life.

Jason will be laid to rest with his late-mother, Monica, in a private family service when the weather is brighter to match his memory. In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation in Jason’s name to your local animal shelter, as he wouldn’t want us to be limited to one charity.

Rest in peace, Jason. We love you.

October 8, 1973 – April 10, 2022

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David White
David White
17 de abr. de 2022

Jess: It is a difficult time and I share your grief as I recently too lost my brother (a month ago). The solace is that I cherish the memories and laugh and cry at the same time over them.

may God give you comfort and guidance.



With my deepest love and affection, you will always be missed my dearest friend. My prayers for comfort and peace to your Dad Peter and sister Jessica. Rest in peace to an exceptionally deserving man. 🙏❤️


So sorry for your loss Jessika 😥!!! I hope! soon the tears will subside and the memories will make you smile again and may God bless you more strength to come out of this critical loss.


So sorry for you loss Jessika. I hope soon the tears will subside and the memories will make you smile again.


RIP Jason... 😥

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