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Kenneth Bryan Patterson 1978-2020

Kenneth Bryan Patterson, age 42, passed away early morning of April 29, 2020. Born on October 24, 1978 in Tennessee and raised by his mother, late Bobby Carol Patterson in San Antonio, Texas.

“Kenny" as all his friends had known him by was a caring friend and loving farther to his son, Quinn O’Brian Patterson, who is currently serving with the U.S. Army in Anchorage, Alaska.

Throughout his life, Kenny had spent his life traveling from one place to another making friends everywhere he went, for those who knew Kenny, he was always very friendly, enjoyed the little things in life and was a philosopher and guiding hand to some. He celebrated every aspect of life and even throughout difficult times, Kenny kept his mind on the bright side of life. To his friends, he was a light of optimism and to his family a loving, caring, supporting father and he will forever be in our thoughts with a smile on his face and an open mind for a bright future.

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