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Stanley Hallas 1947 – 2021

On March 17, 2021, Stanley Hallas, 73, of Pawcatuck, CT passed away peacefully at home after a long and agonizing battle with Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma. The son of Stanley and Josephine (Palma) Hallas, Stanley was born in McKeesport, PA on August 21, 1947. He was an unapologetically authentic man. He wasn’t always perfect. He made some mistakes along the way, but part of loving someone is accepting not only the best parts of them, but also the flaws, and also acknowledging that you, in turn, have your own. Truly loving someone means gaining an appreciation for what makes them uniquely them.

This man could take anything apart and fix it. He would sit and read book after book, mostly courtroom dramas, and watch CNN for hours with the volume entirely too loud. He loved to ride motorcycles and to overfeed his pets. He would eat a full dinner, home cooked, and comment on the deliciousness of the store-bought piece of white bread and butter that accompanied the meal. He would always say “I love you” to people he cared about when hanging up the phone or when leaving the house. Home was a place where he spent a lot of time, and a place that he loved.

This man was overworked and underappreciated for many years of his life and he never complained. He loved his grandkids. He loved his daughters. He is survived by three, Karen Katona and Beth Jackson of Pennsylvania; and Stacy Lowry of Connecticut. He was preceded in death by his daughter Jolene in September 2020. She was his youngest, “his baby” he would say, and a true daddy’s girl. He didn’t last long without her.

This man was not a big believer in the afterlife, but there is great hope by those who love him that he is joined by his wife Helen (Holt) Hallas, who died in 2012, and his daughter, Jolene, in a peaceful place where there is no itching and no pain. While many people are selfishly sad and missing Stan, they are also relieved that his constant suffering has ended. The Hospice team that helped along the journey of his final weeks were amazing. They made the unbearable somehow bearable.

The family will privately retrieve the remains of Stanley. If you would like to honor him in your own private way, take a motorcycle ride on a beautiful day, overfeed your pet, or turn on CNN as loud as you can stand it.

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