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Theresa (Terri) Loomis

Theresa (Terri) Marie Loomis was born April 10, 1956 in Bennington, VT, to the parents of Maurine Fox(deceased) and Clifton Loomis. Terri passed away on August 3, 2023 at the age of 67. She had a brother Cliff (deceased) and is survived by brother, Neal.

Terri is survived by her wife, Robin Heselton of Lebanon, CT and their "kids" Sadie (dog) and Sarah (cat). Terri was a chef/cook/manager for the Legislaative office building in Hartford, CT for many years, as her career. She worked as a Cook in many other locations as well. Terri had lived in VT, Canada, Florida and CT throughout her life. The most important thing to her was her family; wife, Robin and children/pets Sadie and Sarah. Terri was a very caring individual and loved and cherished her married life and family more than anything. She was a lover of all animals and nature. She could name almost any bird she saw she was very knowledgable and passionate about birds. Terri had many pets throughout her life and many had been rescued. Terri had a heart of gold and her wife and pets will miss and love her always, until we meet again.

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