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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you obtain Certified copies of the Death Certificate?

Death Certificates are filed at the town clerk’s office in the town where the death occurred. Certified copies are obtained directly from the town clerk’s office, they are $20 a copy.

  • How do I place an obituary?

You may email the obituary to for a complimentary post onto our website. If you wish to place the obituary in the newspaper, contact the newspaper of your choice directly, fees may apply.

  • Do you notify Social Security?

Abbey Cremation personnel sends out what is called a Statement of Death by the Funeral Director to the Social Security Administration. We do recommend you notify your local office for possible benefits.

  • When will everything be completed?

All cremations are completed in a timely manner at the convenience of Abbey

Cremation. There is no specific time frame for completion as there are many
factors that contribute to the process, nor will you be contacted during the process.
Once the cremation is complete you will receive a courtesy call from our aftercare
specialist. The cremains may be retrieved from our office by appointment only. For
any questions, please contact our aftercare specialist at All inquiries must be submitted in writing.

Please Note: We recommend waiting on scheduling services with churches or
cemeteries until the courtesy call is made.

For all Department of Social Services billing, you will be contacted promptly once the State makes their determination. If, at any point you wish to denounce the claim and privately pay, you may schedule an appointment with our office to do so.

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