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Lower Cost

The cost of cremation is a fraction of the cost of burial. Burial costs include the price of:


  • a casket

  • burial vault

  • cemetery plot

  • grave marker

  • and burial service.

  • With affordable cremation, burial costs are avoided. Even when families choose a cremation burial or cremation urn placement in a columbarium, the cost of interment is substantially lower. Interment of cremated remains uses less real estate, and does not require a burial vault.


Direct cremation, cremation without other services, eliminates the cost of a funeral, and offers the lowest cost for cremation.

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The choice of cremation allows flexibility in funeral and memorial services. Families choose:


  • funeral rites prior to cremation

  • a memorial service following cremation

  • a cremation service at the time of cremation

  • direct cremation with no formal service at all.

  • Cremation allows scheduling of services at a time that works best for the family, even weeks following the passing when family gathers across long distances.


Following cremation, families choose to:


  • scatter cremation ashes

  • retain cremated remains in a cremation urn

  • select a spot for permanent interment

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Protect the Enviroment

Cremation is a green burial alternative.


For those concerned about their final footprint, cremation is an environmentally friendly end-of-life choice.


Cremation avoids embalming chemicals, and limits the use of financial and land resources.

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Arrange cremation with a single phone call. Abbey Cremation Service offers a home visit to discuss cremation options at your convenience. At the time of need, just one call to Abbey Cremation takes care of final needs.


Is it time to Plan Ahead?


Take control of final planning, and remove that burden from your family. Contact Abbey Cremation Service today to arrange an affordable cremation.

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