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Direct Cremation

  • Transfer of deceased to Abbey Funeral Home (within the state of CT)

  • Obtain information for the Connecticut Death Certificate

  • Sanitary care of deceased

  • Mandatory 48 hour holding period until cremation can take place

  • Medical Examiner’s fee

  • Transfer to Crematory

  •  Cremation Procedure


** All Prices Subject to Change

** Additional Fees May Apply

** We will match any of our competitor's pricing. Price match guarantee.


For all Title 19 or Medicaid Medicare recipients our staff at Abbey Cremation Service specializes in assisting you through this process. Contact us today if you have any




Immediate Burial

Our charges for immediate burial : (Without any rites or ceremonies at the funeral home, graveside or elsewhere.) Include removal of remains, transportation to cemetery, minimum services of staff, 20Ga Steel Casket and Concrete Grave Liner and Burial Permit.


  • ​Funeral Service & Staff Charge $349.00

  • Removal of Body $275.00

  • Transportation to Cemetery $343.00

  • 20Ga Steel Casket $1150.00

  • Concrete Grave Liner $875.00

  • Burial Permit   $3.00


Abbey Immediate Burial  $2995.00

** All Prices Subject to Change

** Additional Fees May Apply



*Abbey Cremation Service is not responsible for any website or pricing errors due to technical issues.

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