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Alice Miner

Alice (Snookie) Miner passed away 12/17/2023 with her significant other and caregiver Jeff Skelly at her bedside.  Snookie was born 11/18/1947and was predeceased by her husband of 47 years Edward Miner, Father Harold Hofmann, mother-Phoebe Hofmann, stepmother Mary Hofmann, sister Judith Barnum, brother-in-law Paul Barnum, paternal grandparents Lilly Hofmann and John Hofmann and several aunts and cousins. Surviving close relatives are sister Rosemarie Murphy, niece Madonna Barnum, nephew Paul Barnum,  Zachary Barnum (2nd nephew), and 1st Cousin Lillian Groody. Snookie had no children but spent her life caring for animals. You are now in the arms of your family in heaven, Rest in Peace Snookie you will be missed.

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I wish I could have been as close to you as being 15 yrs younger I was always a little jealous of the special relationship you two had..but now your in heaven with our parents.Judy...Eddie and Paul..tell them all I love them..until we meet again..I 😘 be you..your sister Rowie

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