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Cathy Beauregard 1958-2020

Cathy Beauregard passed away in the arms of her brother Robert on September 1, 2020, in Danbury, CT, after a 2-year battle with cancer. Cathy was born on October 19, 1958, in Norwich, CT, to Charles A. Beauregard, Sr., and Rita G. Beauregard of Killingly, CT. Her parents predeceased her. Cathy grew up in Killingly, CT, and lived in Bethel, CT, for many years. Cathy is survived by her four older siblings and their spouses, Joseph Beauregard (Pauline) of Brooklyn, CT, Charles Beauregard (Charlotte) of Ocala, FL, Robert Beauregard (Sandra) of Killingly, CT, and Janet Beauregard (Frank) of Clifton, VA, and many extended family members and friends. Cathy was blessed with a loving family and a diverse, multi-generational circle of friends. Many cold winter evenings were spent with those friends gathered around her wood stove. Two of Cathy’s closest and most loyal friends, Meg Montanaro and Mike Gilroy, were with her during some of her most challenging times during her final months and spent the night with her before she passed. Meg and Mike offered her their unwavering support throughout her illness.

Cathy was a 1976 graduate of Killingly High School, a 1987 graduate of the CT Institute of Art and a 2004 graduate of the prestigious New York Botanical Gardens School of Professional Horticulture. She was a member of the Federated Garden Clubs of America, lecturing regularly on a variety of topics to garden clubs throughout New England.

Cathy loved nature and the outdoors since early childhood. She spent hours outdoors in her parents’ yard exploring plants, flowers, bugs and her mother’s vegetable gardens. She even had her very own worm farm where she sold dozens to local fishermen to make some extra “pin money”. Many summers Cathy would set up a tent on the side of her parents’ house so she could lie outside without getting eaten by mosquitos just so she could listen to the crickets and katydids, and watch the thousands of fire flies zoom by the tent windows. On many clear nights in the summer and fall, she would lie flat on a big rock in her parents’ yard to gaze up at the night sky to study the stars and constellations. She shared a few of those precious nights with her niece and nephews when they were young.

Given Cathy’s passion for the earth, it was no surprise to Cathy’s family and friends when she left a 20-year career as a graphic artist and designer to become a horticulturist. Cathy built her own business, Beau’s Bouquets and Horticulture Therapy Gardens, later renaming it Beauregard Horticultural Services, where she serviced both small residential gardens and large estates in the Fairfield, Westchester and Dutchess Counties of CT and NY. She was a firm believer in organic gardening and was accredited by NOFA. Cathy loved her work and said she felt “one with earth” when gardening and working in the dirt.

Anyone who knew Cathy was amazed by her boundless energy. Many may remember her excitement about single handedly planting 10,000 bulbs on a private estate where she worked and the pride she had when the following Spring there was an explosion of color throughout the property. Her favorite flowers were roses, hydrangeas and Rose of Sharon, in that order. She had many interests besides her work, including art, photography, movies, music and travel. She travelled to many places, including Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey and throughout the U.S. from California to Florida, her favorite place being the New York Botanical Gardens.

Cathy embraced the joie de vivre. She cared little for material things. Her biggest joy came from people, nature and the little surprises of everyday life. Cathy was loved by many and she will be dearly missed. A Celebration of Cathy’s Life will be held at a later date. In Cathy’s memory, plant a tree, grow a garden or be a friend to someone in need.

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