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Dana Hill 1958-2022

On Friday, January 14th, 2022, Dana passed away just two weeks after his 64th birthday.

Dana, born on January 3rd, 1958, was predeceased by his mother Barbara Goodwin (Hatch) Lydiard and his father Thomas Hill. He is survived by his brothers, Steven and Chris Hill, his sisters Kathleen Evans, Jennifer Sylvester, and Tracy Curtis; his children, Thomas, Jessica, Ashley, Joshua, Corey and Amber; and his grandchildren; Bryonna, Tyriq, Danacia, Cameron, Serenity, Joseph, Khalil and Nova Dior. Dana also shared a special bond with his ex wife Lucia.

Dana wasn't a man of many words. He was a quiet, private individual who showed his happiness by caring for his family especially his grand daughters. He had a passion for cooking, especially when given the chance to try new recipes and feed his family on any special occasion.

On nice summer days, Dana spent his days outside where he rode his motorcycle, traveled to the beach, going on hikes and hunting for snakes. Dana use to breed snakes, as well as sheltering lizards, chameleons, spiders, scorpions, that he collected while selling or trading for a newer pet.

Dana had an interest in fast cars and always dreamed of one day owning his dream Challenger.

Dana would visit Florida frequently to spend time with family and experience all the activities of a tourist which brought him great happiness

Dana took up an interest in photography, so he could capture memories of his family and of nature, then edit them on the computer using the greatest tools. Dana also used his computer to research computer software, how to make repairs or building them from scratch. He made sure to have the best software to play his favorite games such as, Far Cry and Doom. Dana made sure to have the best audio equipment not just for the computer but for his stereo and TV as well.

Dana found peace listening to music such as Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Metallica, John Mellencamp, Jimmy Buffett, U2 and more. Dana even self taught himself to play the guitar.

When Dana wasn't busy with all his extra circular activities he would pop a giant bowl or popcorn, relax on the couch watching documentaries about his favorite bands, animals, nature as well as the latest movies or TV shows.

Dana will be missed by his family and friends deeply. His wish was to be cremated and have a private service.

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