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Elizabeth L. Herrington 1948-2020

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Elizabeth ( Liz) L. Herrington

March 20, 1948 - November 17, 2020,

Elizabeth ( Liz) L. Herrington, of Pawcatuck, Ct, passed away peacefully at her home, on Tuesday, November 17, after a courageous battle with cancer. As she desired, she was at home, with her two cats, Sable and Snuz, and a few, of her many, dear friends, along with one of her caregivers, Sarah Allen.

Elizabeth was born in Pittsburgh, PA. She was predeceased by her parents : John Lawson McCullough, and wife Edna, and brother, John McCullough, also step mother, Edna Brower McCullough, and step brother, Bill Brower.

She is survived by her two step sisters, Debbie Brower, of Vero Beach, Florida, and Susan Rodgers of Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania.

Liz began studying the Bible with Jehovah’s Witnesses in 1994, after desiring to learn about the Bible teaching of living forever in Paradise on earth. She was baptized on March 25, 2000. She was an active member of the Mystic Connecticut Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, up until her death, even attending her last Sunday meeting, via Zoom meeting.

Previous to her last employment of 17 years at Westerly Agway, she owned her own graphic design business which included graphic designs for various municipalities, including fire and ambulance companies. Her meticulous graphic abilities were even published in the New York Times.

She also served as an EMT for a period of time.

At the age of 68, just before her diagnosis of cancer, she graduated from The Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, receiving her license as massage therapist.

Liz had a great love for time spent, in years past, at her family cottage in Ontario, Canada. Her love for all nature and creatures of all sorts, was seen over the years as she had raised horses, chickens, goats, dogs, cats , birds of all kinds, and rabbits. Along with that love of God’s creation, she developed a love for plant life of all sorts and was well known for her advice to many who came to Agway to shop.

Great adventures came her way as she traveled all over, enjoying camping and hiking. She spent many hours with good friends at the seaside, looking for treasures on the beach, and enjoying good food and laughs.

Another passion she had was making unique and hand crafted jewelry.

Liz, as she was known to all was described by one friend as the energizer bunny, and that she takes a licking and keeps on ticking”.

Liz, was best known for her smile and mild manner and extreme generosity to help people of sorts in need, both materially and spiritually, even when she was seriously ill, making her a true neighbor, in imitation of her God Jehovah, whom she worshipped.

Liz’ love of sharing with others her Bible based beliefs, led her to the desire to learn the Tagalog foreign language. She attended classes regularly and participated in the foreign language ministry.

While she was ill, she was instrumental in helping out a single father, Jan, and caring for his young son, Luke. She affectionately became their adopted aunt! They had a very special bond.

The Mystic congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, who were her spiritual family, would like to thank all those who cared for her during her last days. This includes those within the local congregations. A very special thanks to the Agway family, Peter, Andy, Matt, Lorie, and each of her beloved coworkers, who lovingly and generously cared for her and her cats needs. There were countless hours of care and food given by her neighbor Lori, and other neighbors where she resided, that visited, brought flowers and goodies. Most importantly were the hospice nurses and aides, particularly Julie and Debbie, who gently and kindly gave her dignity and respect while being attentive to her care. Also appreciated were the care givers, Jennifer, and Christine, and especially Sarah Allen, who went above and beyond, to tenderly care for her.

There will be a Z00M memorial service that will be held on Saturday, December 5, 2020, at 1:00 p.m.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made on a secure online website:

Or checks sent to the address listed on the website.

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I am sorry to hear of Liz ‘s passing. She was always so giving , kind & considerate of others.


Lorie Alberghini
Lorie Alberghini
Nov 28, 2020

Liz was a dear friend and neighbor to me. She will be missed so much.just happy i was able to spend alot of time with her when she was in need.

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