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Janet Mary Agnus Koller Foley

Janet Mary Agnus Koller Foley born April 9, 1954 passed November 15, 2023. She was married to William John Foley III and had one rather quirky bundle of fur Penny wiggles, five incredible children held by fantastic partners Kate and Sam, Meg, Colleen and Sean, Bill and Molly, Tim, and six beautiful and even more incredible grandchildren Emily, Max, Sammy, Brooks, Asher and Jesse - no one likes a one upper but these kids manage to do it. These are the usual details but Janet was nothing of usual. In fact she was the opposite, on purpose.

She was the world's most hidden gem. She had a special whimsical eye and humor that was unmatched. Her creativity and optimism were remarkable. If you wanted a dress she would tell you she could make it better. And she did. Halloween was her favorite. We would design and create every costume, prom dress, pillow and curtain. If you decorated a room she would do it better. So much so that when we rented air bnbs the first thing she would do is rearrange all the furniture. She was a master of resources and an amazing eye for design. If something was broken in our house that does not mean you throw it away, it just meant you were not creative enough to fix it or make it useful in some way.

She liked to spice things up, make change, and keep it playful. She hustled, she got it done. Through all the hardships and tough moments she always stayed positive. She even claimed it was her blood type B Positive. Our family has been through things I would not wish on anyone but if it had to happen I wish for you that you have a Janet. She made life an adventure for us and it got us through so much in life. She worked tirelessly, she would give endlessly and possessed endless potential, ingenuity and genuine fascination for the people she touched and always had dog treats in her pockets for the impromptu stray. She made you feel unjudged and truly interesting, she was fascinated with people and what makes them tick. So much of what us kids are today is from her and because of her and we are truly and forever grateful.

She had a quick wit and fire which made her sparky and stubborn but curved with her big heart and whimsical creativity made for a magical concoction of fun loving humor, quirky solutions and dam the man boldness. If your shoes smell- obvious choice- put them in the freezer. If your tooth is chipped, I think super glue would work. If you need fresh breath, just keep peppermint leaves in your purse. If you're lost just follow the car in front of you- he probably knows where he's going. Her little zen wisdom zingers will stay with us always.

Memo passed on 11/15. 15 is a special number. In numerology it would signify leadership, action and sign of success. It's no wonder we all chose it for sports. Kate gets the OG cred, then the rest of us jumped on the wagon in some way whether through sports jerseys, addresses, pins, or even signs from the universe. Now Janet can claim it as her number from the other side. Thank you memo for being. We love you always.

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