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Joseph Derosiers 12/10/1946- 07/21/2023

Joe has lived a long life with a lot of trials and tribulations , he’s truely been a fighter till the end . Joe was a man that if you ever met him you would never forget him. He will be missed by many. Joe worked for the state of Connecticut for many years, he was a boy-scout leader who loved nature,camping,fishing and Yahtzee.

Joe has joined his parents, his brother Phil,sister Beverly and niece Roberta in heaven. Survived by Daughter Lizzy Rivera,Son Nathan Grandchildren Haley and Savanna-Mae, Son-in law Carlos , Brother Ronnie, and Niece Rachel .

The Family thanks you all for your love and support.

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My Daddy!!! So many memories growing up so many good times together and a chunk of time we missed but never will I ever forget the vacation’s we had and the time when you got your first 4x4 told me to go for a ride with you got lost and ended up behind the police station lol so many stories so many memories. My Daddy will always be in My heart love ya tons miss ya even more. 😭😭😭💔


Richard Miesch
Richard Miesch
Jul 25, 2023

Joseph I got to know you over tha past year and a were definitely a solid man with a strong will for life was a honor to have you as my friend......RIP Joseph!!!


You will be missed Grandpa Joe, you told me so many store‘s and you helped us out so so much. like I promise you Grandpa Joe your name will be in the side of our Food Trailer were it belongs R.I.P

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Yeah lots of stories and a bunch of funny ones 🥹 That food truck is gonna go places and then n his name 💔

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