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Kathleen Elizabeth (Doyle) LeFrancois

Kathleen Elizabeth (Doyle) LeFrancois, age 71, of Waterbury Connecticut passed away at Saint Ray's hospital early morning Wednesday Feb 21, 2024. Predeceased by her husband (Daniel LeFrancois) March 17, 2004,

Kathleen's surviving family, Michael Doyle (brother), Renee Houle (LeFrancois) (Daughter), Terri LeFrancois (Daughter), and Daniel LeFrancois (Son) mourn her passing deeply...

Kathy's heart was one of pure love. She was never one to pass up the opportunity to help and was always quick to forgive. She adored nature and lengthy books, as well as classic rock and a good joke.

She loved her children and family with all her heart, every beat of it. Her passing left behind a great and deep pain in the hearts of her loved ones. As Kathy would say "This too shall pass" and "Life will go on". That may be true, but she will never be forgotten, she is loved completely and always will be.

May the road come up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, the rains falls soft upon your fields.

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