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Lola Jane Chaison


MAY 6, 1992 — MARCH 6, 2024

❤ ️👻Lola Jane Chaison, more affectionately known as GHØ$T GIR! She was born on May 6, 1992 in Houlton Maine and passed away on March 6, 2024 at 22 EVERGREEN S HARTFORD CT. Both a free spirit and a daredevil, she was always ready to embrace whatever life threw her way. This ️👻Last year of her life was challenging, she suffered from BPD. Mental health issues she was battling, she would say things straight forward like that 'karma's a bitch' with the meaning of 'it is what it is,' things happen for a reason. The lessons that defined her unique perspective on life.️ 👻Lola was a highly accomplished individual. She was deeply skilled in the technical arts, especially in the fields of computer engineering, coding, and information technology. Her prowess with computers was such that it induced envy in some; she was just that good. But beyond her skill set, ️👻Lola was more than proud of her mission, which was to save girls from 'the dark side,' as she often described it.

She leaves behind a family who loved and respected her deeply - her Mother, Cathy Porter (back-up plan)&️ 👻Leo. Her Sister Brittany Chaison (ride to die) & Shim. Her Son ️👻Levi Chaison, her Daughter Cherrie Chaison and their momma Bobbi-Jo Chaison, her Brother, Antonio Hidalgo, her Siblings, Dustin Smith and Ashlee Smith, her Aunt, Pam Porter, and her Uncle, Oakley Porter. Also her uncles in Maine Yogi, Jerry, Chris and their family’s. And Friends in ,Ct,Mass,Florida,Utah. Also cousins from the Porters, Chaison’s,Handys. Great Uncles and Great Aunts ️👻Lindy, Connie, Pat and their family's.. she was a proud member of the ️👻LGBQT+ community .. 👻Lola's legacy is one of courage and tenacity, a legacy of a woman who pursued her goals with passion and determination. It is a legacy that will inspire those she leaves behind, a testament to her unique spirit and character. ️👻Lola "GhØ$T Gir!" Chaison may have departed our world, but her spirit will continue to inspire

and motivate us. It is, as ️👻Lola would say, 'what it is.' Until we join again. MeMa will guide you to the rainbow

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Miss you so much

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