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Nancy D. Ramirez 1955 – 2021

With her family by her side, Nancy, age 65, passed away peacefully in her Farmington home on February 17th, 2021 in the early morning hours. Born May 31st, 1955 in Manhattan, New York to Louis and Josephine Duchesne, Nancy was the youngest of 3 siblings and had a strong desire for upward mobility. She knew from an early age that education was the key to a better life, and she fought hard to achieve her dreams despite her adversities.

Nancy was a big dreamer, always believing that if you could dream it, you could make it your reality through writing your aspirations and allowing positivity to help manifest your dreams into reality. She also knew that dreams took hard work and dedication; and that even if it takes years to accomplish those dreams, you should never give up and just keep “nibbling away at them because eventually you will get there" (direct quote). She proved this notion throughout her life as she managed raising 3 kids while being a full-time career woman, dedicated wife, soccer mom, football/cheer mom, basketball coach, and even a mom to many others throughout the years. She handled all those responsibilities with grace and a smile, all while slowly putting herself through college, and never giving up on her dream of higher education. In May of 2002, at age 47, Nancy achieved her dream and graduated from Albertus Magnus College with a Bachelor of Science in Business making her only the 3rd person in her entire family to have a college education. For Nancy, this truly was her crowning moment.

Nancy was a woman of faith and spirituality. She happily dedicated many years to church and the Lord through worship, spiritual retreats, volunteering, donating, and even singing in the church choir for a few years (which she loved). When her children were young, she fought hard to attend mass every Sunday and get them to Sunday school to ensure that they were instilled with faith, hope, love, and righteousness. She wanted nothing but the best for her children, always having their best interest at heart no matter what it took because she was dedicated to doing whatever it took to take them one step higher than she was.

Nancy also had a passion for cooking and enjoyed making food with love. Her favorite meals to cook started with fresh ingredients, surrounded by great music, family, laughter and cheer. Listening to music and dancing were always a part of her life. She would listen to her music everywhere she went, and when the moment presented itself, she would dance until her feet could take no more. She knew how to light up the dance floor bringing smiles and feelings of awe to all who watched. A true admiration.

As she continued to live her beautiful life, she kept fulfilling her dreams by taking her family to Broadway shows, vacationing in Hawaii, attending her children’s weddings, and later welcoming 4 grandkids. When her first grandchild was born, she quickly realized that being with family was where she wanted to be. So at age 60, Nancy took an early retirement from her career at Yale University after 30 years of service, and enjoyed her last 5 years of life to the fullest.

As a retired career woman, Nancy loved spending time with her grandkids and enriching them at every moment possible was her biggest pride and joy. She enjoyed boating adventures and ski trips to Vermont, trips to the beach and museums, picnics in the park while watching her grandkids play, walks on the trails, and visiting local farms; all with the family she cherished the most, living every moment to the fullest and making every moment count.

Less than 3 years ago, Nancy was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Though the diagnosis was heartbreaking, she remained positive and continued to manifest everything in divine order while she fought a good fight; but the battle proved to be a losing one taking her from her family too soon. Her family finds solace in knowing that she is now an Angel watching over them, dancing till her heart's content; and most importantly, she is no longer suffering from pain, and is truly resting, in peace…

Nancy is survived by her husband of 43 years, Anthony A. Ramirez Jr. of Meriden and her children, Anthony L. Ramirez of Burlington, Elaine M. Marsh of Meriden, and Meghan N. Ramirez of Meriden. She is further survived by her beloved grandchildren Liliana R. Ramirez, Aiden A. Marsh, Eli J. Marsh, and Anthony J. Ramirez.

On the 17th day of February 2021, Nancy’s children hosted a small viewing and farewell blessing with their closest family and friends in her Farmington home where she passed. On the 20th, they hosted a celebration of life gathering where family and friends from near and far attended in person and virtually. One thing that was evident was that she was loved and admired by many. She left an imprint on so many lives that will resonate for years to come. Nancy will be greatly missed, but her memory will never be forgotten, and her legacy will live on, in divine order.

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