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Peter Tremblay 1961-2019


Peter Tremblay passed away July 20, 2019. He was born in Providence, RI to the late Raymond V. and Vincenza Tremblay. He leaves behind 10 brothers (John, Raymond, Robert, Gary, Leo,Thomas, Paul, Michael, David, and William) and 4 sisters (Claudette, Darlene, Christine, and Donna). As an uncle and great uncle, he also leaves behind many nieces and nephews.

A Memorial Service will be held August 3rd at 2 PM for Peter:

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, 1340 Elmwood Avenue, Cranston, RI 02910

Between the date of birth and his date of death is a DASH (-) mark that represents his life

course. Just what did that life course include in Peter's duration of time?

For most of his growing years, Peter lived in the Federal Hill neighborhood of Providence and established many friendships through schools, work, and places of residence. As one who was a diligent worker in any undertaking, he was a handy-man on different maintenance jobs, and at one time ran a variety store business. As well, Peter was generous in sharing whatever he had, even if it was little he possessed; and he didn't look for anything in return.

During his early 20's, Peter came into contact with Jehovah's Witnesses Through his brother Gary. He studied the Bible and loved what he learned in his new found faith. Soon after, he became a follower of Jesus Christ and was baptized on 3/12/1983 as a Witness of Jehovah God.

At approximately 50 years of age, Peter became disheartened with the way he perceived the

world and its bitterness, especially after experiencing the loss of his beloved parents who were so close to his heart. This moved him to return to the love he first had for Bible learning as one of Jehovah's Christian Witnesses in his early 20's, -and this time NEVER looking back.

With the help and assistance of so many who befriended him in several congregations

throughout RI and Massachusetts and Connecticut, he was encouraged to become firm and

determined in living his life as a Christian once again.

As a result of Peter's determined efforts, he became a Ministerial Servant in the Mt. Pleasant

English congregation, joining his 3 other brothers who also served in local congregations. In his privilege of service, Peter extended himself to assist with various assignments and teaching parts in the congregation, all with a willing and humble attitude -not wanting to be in the limelight or seek any prestige or praise. Add to that, he expressed his love for those in need within the congregation by being a support in spiritual and practical ways. In essence, it can be said that Peter touched the lives of many...and the good words and expressions of those who knew him are too numerous to mention.

Of special note was Peter's zealous spirit in pursuing his ministry by serving in full time service occasionally throughout the year, and making adjustments in his life and work to make for more time in the ministry, which he grew to love so much.

Without a doubt, Peter will be sorely missed by many who appreciated Peter not just as a

Christian, but also as the kind, loving, considerate person he was throughout his life with all

who came to know his name and reputation, which is of the greatest value especially with God, Jehovah. (Ecclesiastes 7:1)

On behalf of the entire Tremblay Family, we want to extend a special thanks to all of you who

have befriended Peter through his 58 years of life. And as Jesus said in John 5:28, 29 "Don't be so surprised! Indeed the time is coming when all the dead in their graves shall hear the voice of God's Son, and shall rise again..." -Living Bible -Catholic Edition

Just as Jesus resurrected people back to life when he was here on earth, He gave us a preview of what he will do in the very near future when, according to the Lord's Prayer, or Our Father Prayer, the 'Kingdom comes and God's will is done on earth as in heaven'..and His will is to raise people to life again right here on earth where death will be no more but life eternal through Christ -and Peter also will be among those who will experience this promise. (Matthew 6:9,10 - Our Father Prayer; Revelation 21:3,4 -Living Bible-Catholic Edition)

As a cherished belief in the resurrection that Peter held so dear to his heart, and looked

forward to the fulfillment of that promise for loved ones he lost, we are thrilled to know that he

is in God's memory through Christ, and we can look forward to extending a hearty welcome to Peter, and the dash (-) in his life will be extended with eternity in view at that wonderful time when God's will on earth is finally done.

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