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Phyllis J. (Hollett) Terpstra

Phyllis J. (Hollett) Terpstra passed away peacefully on 4/6/2024 at 82 years old. She was born on 8/2/1941. Phyllis was a wonderful mother, wife, Nonnie, sister, auntie, nurse, and friend. She was stubborn and sassy and liked to do things her own way but was always loving and caring. She was well-loved by her family. She loved knitting and baking. She was always willing to help anyone out. She passed away on Saturday from complications of illnesses. She was predeceased by her parents and siblings Donald, Barbara (Gutermuth) and Fred. She is survived by her husband Tom, her children Judy and Doug, and her grandchildren Jackson, Sara, and Leo. We will miss her very much.

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