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Randy Noll

It is with heavy hearts, that the family of Randy Noll, 52, announces his passing. Born in Ohio, he was a diehard Bengals and Reds fan and remained a country boy at heart, through his love of nature, hiking, running and fishing.

Playing volleyball on the beach, watching the sun set or jumping into the ocean in Florida, is where he found his peace, and where he became a Parrothead, among some of his closest lifelong friends.

His home, and his truest North Star, was anywhere his daughters were, whom he cherished more than anything. For him, they were his greatest joy and loves of his life.

He loved with his whole heart. And he lived boldly and fearlessly, taking brave leaps of faith every chance he could. His soul was constantly brimming with wonder, and figuring out what his next adventure would be and where it would take him.

He was a big kid at heart. He was ornery and rambunctious; and he had an infectious energy and immense enthusiasm for everything he did, including his humor. You couldn’t help but laugh when he cracked jokes and threw his head back, busting with a booming cackle.

He could match wits with anyone, had the absolute gift of gab, and could easily become an expert in just about anything he set his mind to, from his vast knowledge in IT, anything and everything to do with botanicals or animals — or who the next best music band is, according to him. He was notorious for blasting his car radio, dancing in the driver’s seat and singing at the top of his lungs, expecting you to join in at the chorus, and love it as much as he did.

And he never, ever said goodbye without first wrapping his arms around you and giving you a bone-crushing bear hug and saying, “I love you.” We love you too, Randy.

He is survived by his three daughters, Sarah (31), Olivia (18), and Abby (15); granddaughter, Ava; mother, Karen Noll; father, James Noll (Mary); brother, Anthony Noll; sister, Jessica Noll-Korczyk (Christopher); nieces, Stephanie Shonkwiler and Trisha Korczyk; four great-nephews, Braxton, Arie, Kye and Kel; and great-niece, Zorya; step-siblings, Keith Scott, Todd Scott and Jamie Brewer; as well as aunts, uncles, cousins and many beloved friends. He was preceded in death by his grandparents, uncle and cousin.

The family would like to welcome friends, colleagues and anyone who knew Randy, who would like to pay their respects and share their favorite memories, to a reception that will be held at Randy’s last big adventure, his restaurant, Landing & Main in Deep River, Connecticut, on Monday, August 14 from 4-9 PM.

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