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Samuel Farmer

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

“Wisdom is proved righteous by its works.” “Give people credit.” “A calm mind is a thinking mind.” And the statement Sam said the most, “We thank Jehovah!”

These are just a few of his favorite Bible principles that he not only quoted but wove into the fabric of his life.

The weaving began on May 11, 1937, in Thorpe, West Virginia. Sam was born to Samuel and Lucille (Galloway) Farmer, Sr. He was the older of two sons—he and his brother Robert. His father was a school principal who graduated as valedictorian and instilled in Sam a desire to read and learn from a young age.

Cut from the same cloth, Samuel graduated as valedictorian of his class. He then served in the U.S. Army as a diesel locomotive electrician. He retired from the U.S. Post Office as the Information Technology Director after 32 years. During his tenure, he designed computer programs and was sent cross country and to the Caribbean to train employees and implement the programs he designed. He and Dr. Larry Doetsch published a book about education.

Samuel met his darling Estella and they wed on March 25, 1963. Sam would always say Estella was his anchor, unwaveringly supporting him. Together they created a nurturing environment to raise their daughters, Sandra and Deborah.

On November 11, 1962, Samuel dedicated his life to the Creator and became a Jehovah’s Witness. He cherished his relationship with his heavenly Father and loved helping people. Sam said, “Knowing and serving Jehovah—that is the ultimate.”

He enjoyed helping others by serving as an elder in the congregation and was appointed to serve as chairman of the Hospital Liaison Committee. He was quoted in the New York Times in an article regarding bloodless surgery.

He retired early from secular work to regular pioneer and devote his time to teaching Bible principles in the community. Everyone who knows Sam has a story about how he aided them. He organized and taught schools for ministers, negotiated with directors of civic centers and other large venues, and served as the convention overseer for 25 years. He loved to share Bible truths and was a speaker at conventions. During their six decades of marriage, Sam and Estella served in various congregations, including the Hartford Spanish group in the mid-1960s, where Sam gave the special talk in Spanish. They treasured the times they shared with their brothers and sisters.

All of this added to the rich tapestry of Sam’s life.

Sam enjoyed providing comfort from the Scriptures to those in need. He gave literally hundreds of funeral talks. In fact, friends were so encouraged by his memorial talks they would book him for their own funeral talk before they died!

He is cherished by his precious wife Estella, daughters Sandra (Verón) Brown and Deborah (Glenn) Peterkin, nephew Robert (Tanya) Farmer, niece Rita Farmer, great-nephews and great-nieces, cousins, and a vast brotherhood of extended family and friends.

Soon Sam will continue to serve Jehovah and help others. We will be together with him again. Like Sam would say, “We thank Jehovah!”

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