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Sandra Jane Prezioso 1945-2022

STRATFORD - Sandra Jane Prezioso, 77, passed away on August 22, 2022. Born in Bridgeport, CT and a lifelong Stratford resident, Sandie’s love of life did not come to an end with her death.

“Sandie,” “Mom,” “Grandma,” “Gram,” “Sand,” “The Prez,” “Aunt Sandie,” or “Grandma Sandie,” was a kind and loving soul, with a strong personality that refused to take no for an answer. Growing up on Pleasure Beach, Sandie lived by the currents, planned by the tides, and followed the sun.

She will be remembered by many for the Halloween haunted houses, Crime Watch parties on Marina Drive, Foxy Lady her lingerie store, or seeing her Great Dane Jagger riding shotgun in the Z-28 with his head out the T-top.

No matter who you ask, Sandie always showed her love and care for all people. She was appreciated for her humor, outgoing energy, and always being there for someone in need. She had the ability to listen to anything someone wanted to talk about, and then give a brutally honest response in return. Whenever you were feeling down, she always knew how to make you smile.

From the many real pets that she had loved to all the made-up ones, Sandie loved tinkering with things. She brought to life “Harriet the hippo,” “Dudley the alligator,” “George the monkey,” and the naked mermaid that was dressed up for every possible holiday. Even her walker was pretty badass, she just never failed to surprise you.

A special thank you to the doctors and nurses over the past 17 years. For someone with a six-month-to-live cancer diagnosis, you all more than “kept her going.” Rather, she would thrive in recovery and look to impress everyone after yet another bounce back, just to avoid the conversation about going to a nursing home. The family is especially grateful to Doctors Frank Scifo, Sandhya Dhanjal, Strick Woods, Bruce Tagoe, Phillip Micalizzi, and their medical teams, each of whom went far beyond the medical care requirements of their positions.

If there was a ‘guiding light’ through the tough hospital visits, Deacon Tim Bolton was it. Deacon Tim showed up at unexpected times, as well as the times of need for Sandie. Your support was unparalleled, and the family is ever appreciative of your compassion and support.

Sandie was predeceased by her parents, William and Grace Prezioso of Stratford, CT. She is survived by her daughter Grace Marie Prezioso. As well as her three grandchildren; DJ and his wife Cathleen, Nicholas, and Hailey Marie Reich. She had four of the best friends in the world; her lifelong friend and partner in crime, Robert “Snake” Verrilli, Bill “Mr. Bill” Severance, Rosemary Montecalvo, and the late Phyllis Viets.

Sandie always said the last thing she would want is for her friends and loved ones to dress in black and cry while remembering her. Per her final wish, Sandie’s life will be celebrated between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. at Short Beach Pavilion on Sunday, October 9th, 2022. Come join us and help celebrate the life of Sandie Prezioso for the ‘One of a Kind’ person she was.

For those that are unable to attend, the family welcomes you to join via video link. For more information send an email to:

In lieu of flowers, Sandie would be grateful to see donations sent to St. Vincent’s Swim Across the Sound or St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in her honor.

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Anna Marie
Anna Marie
Oct 07, 2022

Grace Marie and children what a wonderful write up about your mother and grandmother.

She was indeed a lovely person who will be missed by many.

May she rest in peace.

Anna Marie Szalan

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