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Sergey Yelunin

Updated: May 5, 2023

Sergey Yelunin passed away on May 1 in a tragic accident at the age of 72 at the town of Bristol, Connecticut. He will be honored in a private family ceremony on May 5. Invitations to a memorial dinner in his honor will be shared with a wider audience in the coming days.

Sergey lived a very private life with many challenges and triumphs. He loved the outdoors, driving, and had an incredible skill of troubleshooting electric and mechanical problems. His kindness extended far beyond his loved ones, and was sencere and unconditional. He is survived by his sisters: Natalya and Tatyana, two of his children: Larisa and Anton, and 3 granddaughters: Sophie, Zara and Freya. He will be missed.

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