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Walter A. Bagdon 1926-2022

Walter A Bagdon, a 63 year resident of Westport passed away peacefully at his home on September 7,2022, surrounded by his family and long time devoted caregiver, Sasha Campbell of New York. He is predeceased by his loving, beautiful wife Elinore K. Bagdon of New London CT, married 64 wonderful years.

Walter is also predeceased by his three siblings, sister Irene Thompson, brother William Albrikes, and sister Mary Burba.

Walter was born on March 2,1926 in Bridgeport, CT. the son of the late Petronela Anna and Frank Henry Bagdon, both of Lithuania. He enlisted in the Unites States Army Air Corps, a separate branch under the Department of Defense before the creation of the Air Force, with the rank of Corporal specializing as a Radar Mechanic GCA(863).

After his service, Walter attended and graduated from the University of Bridgeport in 1959. He went on to work for the Automotive Safety Foundation, jointly with the Highway Users Foundation, lobbying in the Northeast Region and DC, for safety and mobility programs involving motor vehicles and driving behaviors. His work was instrumental in bringing about legislation mandating the safety seat belts laws in all 50 states. Walt also successfully lobbied and organized public support for legislation to increase the drinking age, driver education and various other laws presented by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Walter was an avid boater, fisherman and tinkerer. He enjoyed boating around the long Island Sound from the Longshore Marina with his wife and family.

Walter and Elinore were members of the Westport's Minuteman Yatch Club and The Cotillion Club of Westport/Weston. He loved to travel with his wife to many exciting places. Walter built his own beautiful, contemporary house in Westport and spent many hours making it a unique, one-of-a-kind home for his wife and family.

Walt is survived by his daughter, Katherine Seem of Florida, daughter Constance Bagdon of Maryland, and son Walter Bagdon Jr and daughter-in-law Audrey of Maryland. He is also survived by his many grandchildren and great-grandchildren: granddaughter Alexandra Montali O'Brien, her spouse Jay O'Brien with great-grandchildren Siena and Shea; grandson Michael Montali; granddaughter Danielle Bagdon with Brandon Eslin and great-grandson Leo Grahe Eslin; grandson Walter Anthony Bagdon III; grandson Daniel Jacobs. He enjoyed their frequent and fun visits. Also special in his heart are the many nephews and nieces of sister Irene and brother William: Dorothy, Paul, John, Bob, and Tom.

Funeral arrangements will be held for the immediate family at the State of Connecticut Veterans’ Cemetery. Consider donating to a charity of your choice in memory of Walter Bagdon.


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